Why a recruitment agency can be your key to success

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With so many people desperate for a job and the internet providing so many opportunities to search for one, it could be tempting to dismiss recruitment agencies as unnecessary. However, nothing could be further from the truth if you want to secure the perfect candidate for a pivotal role at your company.

Here are just a few of the reasons why using a recruitment agency could be the right way to go:

They’ll blow your trumpet for you

While it’s expected that a business will say itself how good it is to work for, a recruitment agency will get that message out to prospective employees in a powerful way. This is because you build up a relationship with an agency, then they will know exactly what you offer to employees and tell candidates about all the benefits there are in joining you.

They have access to the best candidates

Advertising in the traditional media or an online jobs site may not provide you with the best person for the job. Recruitment agencies have access to the CVs of a wide range of candidates, even those who may not be actively looking for a new job, but who might just be tempted by the role you have to offer.

They can do your selection process for you

While sifting through hundreds of CVs can be soul destroying as you flick through countless pieces of paper or downloads where the candidates are clearly nowhere near qualified for your role, a recruitment agency can take that task on, sending only the cream of the crop through to you to look at.

They can manage expectations

Negotiating salaries can be one of the trickiest parts of recruitment. Pay too much for a candidate to join you and it can cause resentment among other staff and for you if you don’t feel they are living up to their wage packet. Conversely, pay too little and you may not get the best out of them. Recruitment agencies can manage expectations about what a certain role is worth.

It could save money

Recruitment can be a very laborious process, taking you away for hours from the business of running your business. But, a good recruitment agency could write your job advert for you, post it online, sort through CVs, draw up a suitable shortlist based on your criteria, and inform those who won’t be invited to interview that they haven’t been lucky this time round.

They can be a sounding board

If you choose a recruitment agency which knows about the industry you’re in, you may well find they prove to be a useful sounding board to advise you throughout the recruitment process and to help you make up your mind about who you want to employ.

When you consider that you get a mixture of advice, expertise and the best chance to employ the most appropriate candidate for your company, choosing to recruit through an agency seems a bit of a no brainer.

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