10 In-Demand Jobs in the IT Sector

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In today’s digital age, the majority of companies rely on IT systems to help them both operate day to day and to grow and develop their businesses. As more technological advances are made and used in the workplace, there is an increasing demand for highly-skilled personnel in the IT industry.

Take a look at 10 of the most in-demand job roles currently in the IT industry

1. App Developer

An increasing amount of businesses are creating downloadable smartphone and tablet apps so that their customers can contact them and use their services at the touch of a button, therefore the demand for software developers specialising in applications is growing. An application developer also helps create applications for computers and needs a good understanding of mathematics, binary code, algorithms and computer programming.

2. IT Support

Whether in-house or outsourced to a third party provider, having knowledgeable and proactive IT support personnel is vital for all kinds of companies. As well as fixing everyday issues with computer systems, IT support also help implement new software and upgrades and create proactive solutions to stop problems from reoccurring. Sometimes it just isn’t as simple as turning your computer off and on again!

3. Java Developer

As the demand for IT talent grows, in particular, really niche experts in different parts of the sector, one of which is Java. Java is used for online videos, including YouTube so Java developers need to be able to understand and write that particular programming language.

4. Big Data Expert

Big Data isn’t a new buzzword; it is an all-encompassing term for amounts of data that are so large that they need specific applications and data management tools to process and analyse them. As these large amounts of data are crucial for businesses for lots of purposes including analysing marketing strategies, sales patterns and behaviour and customer retention, the ability to analyse and process this data then present it in an understandable way is really important for businesses of all sizes.

5. Project Manager

An IT project manager helps keep everything ticking over and on schedule. As well as having a good knowledge of IT systems and development, being a project manager also requires being organised, the ability to successfully multi-task, leadership and communication skills and being able to come up with proactive solutions.

6. Business Analyst

Business analysts often work alongside IT projects and in other parts of their company. Their duties include investigating and analysing issues, communicating with lots of different colleagues, analysing information and evaluating solutions so as well as a good understanding of systems and processes, business analysts need to be able to act objectively, communicate effectively and be trouble shooters.

7. Software Developer

Developers work on all stages of creating new software from analysing requirements and the initial design process to testing and maintenance. Whilst coding is an important part of this, only about a fifth of the time a developer works on a project will actually be spent writing code as more time is spent working on the specifications and functionality of the software and how it communicates.

8. Software Engineer

Software engineers and developers are sometimes confused with each other but engineering entails more analysing and testing of new software. As well as utilising computer science, engineers also need to apply mathematical principles to the design.

9. Systems Administrator

A systems administrator has the very delicate task of ensuring computer systems are running reliably, are being configured correctly and installing and upgrading systems whilst making sure that they are within budget. Administrators are particularly important for multi-computer systems and companies that rely on a server room, as these require careful maintenance.

10. Web Developer

As more and more companies are reliant on the internet for marketing and selling, web developers are also increasingly in demand. They create attractive and functional websites for companies that are user-friendly and will help to generate more traffic to the website. As a company’s website is effectively the new shop window, this is crucial to generating and maintaining a customer base.

The IT sector is full of opportunities for skilled, knowledgeable and motivated individuals who can think analytically as well as pro-actively and enjoy dealing with challenges.

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